Nation Branding Now (NBN) is a repository of visual assets used to brand the state, as well as those of your favourite sub-national administrative divisions. The practice of corporate-style brand management is in ascendance within the public sphere. In an interdependent world where boundaries appear increasingly blurred, careful control of a cohesive jurisdictional “brand” serves to construct distinctiveness while maintaining an inclusive conception of identity. NBN serves to organize a body of work on the rapidly-evolving processes through which states create, redefine, and control their identities.

Inside this directory, you will find a longitudinal catalogue of brand identity strategies, logotypes, books, and memos issued by governments near and far, small and large, wealthy and less-so. To prove useful, interesting, and reliable to a wide audience, NBN is designed to contain a great variety of heterogeneous materials. Whether you came to this page as a social scientist wading into this exciting sub-domain of soft power, a designer looking for reference materials, or just as a curious passer-by, please do not hesitate to take a look around.


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