Governo Federal (Early-Term Cardoso)



Client: Governo Federal do Brasil (Brasília, DF)

Designer: Unknown, likely Secretaria Especial de Comunicação Social (SECOM) (Brasília, DF)

Years in use: 1995-1996

Remarks: This is the visual identifier used early in the Cardoso government. For the symbol: A stylization of the armas nacionais rests on a yellow field, while thick, white text (Futura Condensed Extra Bold Oblique) divided by a thin horizontal rule serves as wordmark. In the examples observed (from contemporaneous publications in the archives of the Brazilian Development Bank, Presidential Library, and Ministries of Health and Education, as well as televised government adverts), the two are not used independent of one other. Available in vertical or horizontal lockup.

NBN does not know much about this mark. The exact designer responsible, defined spot colours, and clarity regarding heterogeneous type treatment between applications (as well as between the horizontal and vertical lockups themselves) would all be beneficial information to learn. Nothing about this mark appears to have been gazetted in the Diário Oficial da União.


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