Pátria Amada – Brasil



Client: Governo Federal do Brasil (Brasília, DF)

Designer: Secretaria Especial de Comunicação Social (SECOM) (Brasília, DF)

Years in use: 2019-2022

Remarks: This is the visual identifier used by the Bolsonaro government. The mark was introduced 4 January 2019 on social media by SECOM. Type is Signika by Anna Giedryś. The slogan, Pátria Amada (“Beloved Homeland”), is derived from the national anthem. The wordmark is available in horizonal and vertical lockup, while use of the symbol (a stylized Brazilian flag) on its own is not permitted by the standards guide. Do note that this logo was initially launched (see launch video below) with type in a different colour and weight. No vector examples of the original construction have been noted in print by NBN. As our standards manual is dated 17 January 2019, the alternate construction cannot have been in use for long. Despite this, one will occasionally encounter the blue-text logo in mass media, particularly in articles written immediately following the soft launch on social media.


Graphic Standards

Title: Manual de Uso da Marca do Governo Federal
Author: Secretaria Especial de Comunicação Social
Date: 2019
Remarks: NBN has noted two public versions of the primary standards manual from SECOM. One has a filename versioned v06, while the other is marked v07. An automated text and graphics comparison ran on the two documents, of identical filesize, indicates zero changes between them. Both are time-stamped 14:23:48 on 17 January 2019. We do have the purported “v07” document in offline storage should one wish to attempt a more in-depth review of what we have reasonably concluded to be identical files. It is not known, but presumed, that the earlier five versions of this document were working copies.

Type Link
.pdf Download (Manual v06, 17 January 2019)
.pdf Download (Manual, Obras, 15 January 2019)
.pdf Download (Manual, Patrocínio, 17 January 2019)

Graphics Package

File contents:

ass_conjunta_ministerios_gov_federal.eps (.ai, .pdf)
logo-patria-amada-brasil-horizontal_vertical_cores_pos_neg.ai (.pdf)
horizontal/logo-patria-amada-brasil-horizontal_cores.eps (.ai, .pdf)
horizontal/logo-patria-amada-brasil-horizontal_negativo.eps (.ai, .pdf)
horizontal/logo-patria-amada-brasil-horizontal_pb.eps (.ai, .pdf)
vertical/logo-patria-amada-brasil-vertical_cores.eps (.ai, .pdf)
vertical/logo-patria-amada-brasil-vertical_negativo.eps (.ai, .pdf)
vertical/logo-patria-amada-brasil-vertical_pb.eps (.ai, .pdf)
outros-idiomas/logo-patria-amada-brasil-horizontal_idiomas.eps (.ai, .pdf)
outros-idiomas/logo-patria-amada-brasil-horizontal_alemao.eps (.ai, .pdf)
outros-idiomas/logo-patria-amada-brasil-horizontal_arabe.eps (.ai, .pdf)
outros-idiomas/logo-patria-amada-brasil-horizontal_espanhol.eps (.ai, .pdf)
outros-idiomas/logo-patria-amada-brasil-horizontal_frances.eps (.ai, .pdf)
outros-idiomas/logo-patria-amada-brasil-horizontal_ingles.eps (.ai, .pdf)
outros-idiomas/logo-patria-amada-brasil-horizontal_italiano.eps (.ai, .pdf)
outros-idiomas/logo-patria-amada-brasil-horizontal_japones.eps (.ai, .pdf)
outros-idiomas/logo-patria-amada-brasil-horizontal_mandarim.eps (.ai, .pdf)

Type Link
.7z Download

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