País Rico é País sem Pobreza – Brasil



Client: Governo Federal do Brasil (Brasília, DF)

Designer: Secretaria Especial de Comunicação Social (SECOM) (Brasília, DF)

Years in use: 2011-2014

Remarks: This is the visual identifier used during the first mandate of the Dilma Rousseff government, and is not too dissimilar from the work of the preceding government. The work of Marcelo Kertész for SECOM, it was released 10 February 2011. A stylized “Brasil” in bold, green, rounded text is set against a yellow field, with the counter of the A defaced by a rhombus and blue disc recalling the Brazilian flag. Stacked above and below are governmental identifiers and slogan – País Rico é País sem Pobreza (“A Rich Country is a Country without Poverty”) – in a Gotham-like typeface. From 1 January 2015, in Rousseff’s second term, the graphic was deprecated in favour of this updated wordmark.


Graphic Standards

Title: Manual de uso da marca do Governo Federal
Author: Secretaria Especial de Comunicação Social
Date: January 2015

Type Link
.pdf Download (Manual, February 2011)
.pdf Download (Manual, March 2011)
.pdf Download (Manual, November 2011)
.pdf Download (Manual, Internet, August 2011)
.pdf Download (Manual, Internet, February 2012)
.pdf Download (Manual, Obras, November 2011)
.pdf Download (Manual, Patrocínio, February 2011)
.pdf Download (Manual, Patrocínio, November 2011)
.pdf Download (Manual, Publicidade Legal, 2012)

Graphics Package

File contents:

Marca do governo federal - Ministerios e Secretarias da PR - 04-2011

Type Link
.7z Download

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